Monday, March 03, 2008

We have had the most beautiful weather today! One of the wonderful blessings of homeschooling is the ability to modify your weekly plans based on the weather. We read that we're supposed to have rain tomorrow, so I just let the kids play outside to their hearts' content! Then every time one of them came inside with their face all red from playing so hard, I snatched them up and did some school. Auntie helped Little Princess with hers, and I worked with the boys. Even with all the playtime, we still managed to get most of the work done today and we'll spend a little extra time tomorrow!

I've heard a lot of great stories since my last posting. I guess that my carpet smelling like baby powder is not so bad. It was unnerving, though, to look up Sunday and see that my living room was still covered in a fine dusting of powder even though I had dusted very thoroughly on Friday afternoon. And of course, we had a friend over whom we had not seen in about 9 years. Not that he really would even notice, or care for that matter! My sister-in-law says I'm too hard on myself.

So I fell asleep while writing this post, and never sent it until Tuesday (I know it shows as being posted on Monday). I slept right through my hubby coming home from bowling with Encyclopedia Brown (the nine year old). Dear hubby even did a load of laundry right under my nose and I didn't know about it till this morning. Guess it's not as bad as the time a couple of months ago when I was so tired I fell asleep on the kitchen floor in the middle of cleaning out the pantry!


Kathy said...

Asleep in the middle of the kitchen floor??? My dear friend, please permit yourself the luxury of a nap whenever you can catch one!

Shelley said...

Nap? What's that? Seems like I remember having some of those, long, long ago!