Monday, March 30, 2009

taking a break for Not Me Monday

I'm gonna take a break from my own thoughts and ponderings to tell you that I have been praying for a little baby boy named Stellan. He's 5 months old, and he is fighting for his life. I am praying that God will heal his little heart, and that He will hold his mama and the rest of his family in His comforting arms. His mama does this weekly blog carnival called Not Me! Monday, where people every week post little confessions about what they've been up to that week. This week we are coming together to let her know how our lives have been impacted by little Stellan over the last few days.

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her friend's blog to read what her friends have not been doing to remember Stellan this week.

This is not my very first Not Me! Monday post, nope. I haven't spent all week checking up on little baby Stellan and his mommy, not me. I haven't added the Mckmama group or Praying for Stellan groups to my facebook account, not me. I haven't mentioned him to all my friends or sent emails asking everyone to pray for him, not me. I haven't posted a Praying for Stellan button on my blog, no way, not me.

I didn't sit in my small group meeting this past Sunday evening at Pastor Steve's home and tell everyone about how I had prayed for Stellan while he was in his mama's womb and how he was once again fighting for his life and at the top of my prayer list, not me. We didn't circle up and pray together for this little guy and for his mama whose beautiful testimony of love and complete reliance on the God who gives and takes away is the very reason we are created. We didn't thank God for her and for the miracle of Stellan's birth and healing. We didn't all come out of there with teary eyes and hearts blessed by this family that none of us know.

I didn't get called aside by one of those friends to find that she also followed MckMama. I didn't greedily press her for details since I had not been able to log on yesterday, nope...not me.

I'm not fanatically in love with mamas who put their complete faith and trust in God when nothing makes sense...when they just want to be angry instead and then realize that they can be angry and trust at the same time...when they are faced with the knowledge that what they have is not really theirs after all and they just have to let go and believe that God has a purpose for even this...not me.

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Rebecca said...

I have been following Stellan's Story. I am praying for Stellan and his whole family. Thanks for posting this.