Thursday, September 10, 2009

Media Fast

Our family is doing a media fast right now. The only computer time I am allowed is the time I take to check important emails and certain school work for the kids. But I thought I would briefly pop on here to let you know why I'm not updating my blog right now (for Sheila, LOL). I haven't forgotten you, though. There is tons of stuff I want to share with everyone as soon as our fast is over in a few weeks. Ok, break-fast over. Hahaha!

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Sheila said...

Hi Shelley,
Oh your doing okay that is great to know. Sorry I worry about you when I don't see ya post for awhile. :) ((Hugs)) I like your fast that is awesome. We are actually getting rid of our cable/and no converter for tv either why bother..anyway, getting rid of it to cut costs it will save us close to 70.00 a month or so and we will still have internet and house phone but, for a whole lot less and perahps by cutting costs it will allow us to take care or make purchases we need too.
I am thankful your okay and all is well and can't wait to hear all you have to share.