Monday, March 22, 2010

Wrestling am I, with what to post. Do I try to back up to my last post and bring you up to date? No, I really don't have time for that since today's my wonderful husband's birthday, and I'm going to make him his birthday dinner. Biggest news: we're all alive. :-) But I have precious little time, and I want to share so much. So I'll start small and share with you the most recent awesome thing that happened in my life.
For Valentine's day, Loren (my love) wrote an essay and sent it in to our local Christian radio station. It was for a giveaway. He was trying to win us a spot in a wedding vow renewal ceremony. He did this without my knowing, and finally told me about it after he figured that he didn't win because he had not heard back from them.
Well, the day that we were snowed in, he received a call informing him that, unfortunately, they had been forced to decide to postpone the ceremony. WHAT??!! We looked back through his emails, and there in the trash box was the discarded, unread message that he had indeed won. Wow! If it had not been postponed, we would have missed it entirely.

And then...THEN...while we were there saying our vows, he surprised me with a diamond engagement ring/wedding band to replace the one I lost over 10 years ago. How he managed to do it without my noticing the money missing is beyond me, but he earned major brownie points, YES HE DID!!! (It's going to have to be sized up to fit my ring finger...guess he sees me as much tinier than I am...more brownie points.)
I can't imagine life without him. Perhaps it would be a little less complicated (what relationship isn't), but I can say with certainty that it would be much less exciting, quite lonely, and absolutely unthinkable.

So here's to my amazing husband, who has overcome more heartache, abuse, neglect, disadvantage and trouble than perhaps any other person I know...and come out a better man than perhaps any other man I know. I love him completely, even all the terribly irritating little bits. And he loves me completely, even all the terribly irritating little bits. For that I am truly blessed. Happy Birthday, Loren, my love.


Rebecca said...

How incredibly awesome to be married to such a guy. I'm glad you are cherished so! It's awesome that you guys were snowed in...what a blessing!!!

Shelley said...

Thanks, Rebecca. We play around with the idea that God blanketed us with snow that day just so we wouldn't miss it. Of course we know that His will enfolds so many other things, but it certainly was a special blessing for us.

Sheila said...

That is really wonderful, precious and absolutely loving. Your a lucky woman. I have to say my husband would never in a million years do something so dear and special and loving; he isn't romantic or nothing like that.
Be blessed!!!

Blessings to you and Loren.

Shelley said...

Sheila, I was completely blown away. It is so out-of-character for my husband also. Usually for Valentine's he picks me up a little flower arrangement or stuffed animal the day of! To actually have planned in advance, AND to have arranged to have a new ring for me...well, that's just a Loren with whom I'm not well acquainted. But, ah, wouldn't I love the chance to get to know him even more. :)