Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Quiet One spent much of his homeschooling day today playing Timez Attack. I'm in a tough position with this one. On the one hand, he is learning so much so quickly. On the other, because of his Disfunction of Sensory Integration, video games pose a real problem for him. He gets so engrossed in them that he forgets about reality. He literally will play them so intently that he will be drenched in sweat with his face all red. His occupational therapist advised against them because they behave in his brain like a drug.

So, I have made a compromise...He will only be allowed to play (practice his multiplication tables) for up to one hour a day. Imagine that. Having to tell your son that he's not allowed to drill his times tables any more than an hour a day. I never thought it would come to this.

On another note, my sister-in-law has decided that the baby will grow up to be a tightrope walker. Or maybe he'll just ride over Niagara Falls in a barrel, I don't know. Anyway, for as long as he has been able to stand with assistance, he has been pulling himself to stand in his highchair. I gave up a long time ago on strapping him in. He will fight and scream and push and wiggle until he somehow gets free so he can stand back up in the seat. Now, it wouldn't be so bad if he would just stand there. But he has this thrill-junkie need to stand on one foot with the other foot and two-thirds of the rest of his body hanging in the air on the outside of the highchair rails. And he doesn't even have the decency to hold on!

There's more! When he was still just crawling, he would grab a footstool, push it over to a dining room chair, climb onto the stool, then onto the chair, and then onto the table. I walked into the living room one time to find him on the computer desk, on top of the monitor! Maybe I should add strapping a helmet onto him to our morning routine! There's always so much life in our days!

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