Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Well, yesterday I was at the limit of my patience with Encyclopedia Brown. We have tried so many things to help him learn his multiplication tables, but he has been struggling still. Even ones that we know that he knows have been taking him forever to spit out. And since he's in 4th grade now, the multiplication is in everything he does!

So don't tell anyone, ;), but I was to the point of tears. In my own little pity party, I whined to God that there had to be some way to get these numbers into EB's little head before I had to just pinch it right off! So this morning I decided to give feet to my prayers and go looking online for multiplication games. I wasn't asking for much. It had to be fun, systematic, fun, effective, fun, speed-building, and fun! So I found it. If you were wondering whether God really answers prayers, you can be sure He answered mine today. Timez Attack by Big Brainz is all I asked for and more. There's even a free full version! Check it out, and then let me know how it works for you!


Kathy said...

THANK YOU!!!! S, my 5th grader, is still struggling with multiplication, and this may be a big help for him. We'll try it out tomorrow!!

Victoria said...

Aww. Who's EB, though?

Thereasa said...

Okay I will say this really small so nobody sees. I love the game because I need to still learn my times tables so I can get through my collage math 142 class. Well, I can't change the font size so I guess now the whole world knows. Tell EB I'm with him playing along turning red and drenched in sweat.But this sure beats my other plan in getting through the social work program math requirements. I was going to just have the multiplication table tattooed on my arm and try to convince people it is the other Mayan calendar.