Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bed rest gets old!!!!

Okay, y'all. I have a lot of kids to run around after all day long every day. Add in a part-time job and a home-based business, I never sit around. This is killing me!!!!!

So a breakdown of what happened to the poor little Daredevil (18 month old) today while mommy was laid up on the recliner with her friendly icepack. Encyclopedia Brown (9) took him outside to play on the trampoline. For some reason, big brother forgot the rule about always, always, always zip the enclosure. Now, if that weren't bad enough, when the baby crawled through the opening and onto the padding covering the spring, he thought it was cute! When he gave a big "ROAR" through the net to "make the baby laugh," little Daredevil fell. Yep, right off the trampoline.

After a couple of Tylenol and a good cry in mommy's lap, he was up and exploring again. Not long after that, baby was screaming from Princess's bedroom. Aunty SIL ran to investigate and found the little bugger on top of Princess's dollhouse stuck tight. After some furniture rearrangement, the little Daredevil was free. Pop a pacifier in his mouth and he's all better. Well, after the nap anyway.

Later that day...;)...As the children were getting ready to run out the door to AWANAS with Grandma, The Quiet One (8) slammed the baby's finger in the front door (OUCH!). One purple-fingered baby ended up back in mommy's lap for another good cry.

But wait, there's more! As soon as he was recovered from the finger-folly, he was off to climb on top of the computer desk. Mommy, who had hobbled off to the potty, came around the corner just in time to watch baby tumble down from the desk, bash his back on the chair edge, and pitch forward to hit his forehead on the desk...AAAAAHHHH!

Now I know that you are not going to believe that there's more, but daddy had left a whiteboard on the floor after he wiped it down with alcohol and he ran out the door to church. Guess who found the marker tray with his itty-bitty toes? You guessed it: baby Daredevil.

So by the time he made it to his little bed, all that poor little angel wanted was a pacifier and a blankie and lights out! And mommy has decided that she's not allowed to injure herself anymore! It seems to have a domino effect, and I like my little semi-sweet babies in one piece!

Signing out from my recliner...

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Michelle said...

Wait, you mean those kinds of injuries don't occur on a daily basis? I've only got two, but I'll freely admit to breaking out the ice pack more than once a day. And yep, we had a finger being closed in the door incident yesterday ourselves!