Thursday, March 13, 2008

My number one fan!

Tonight, for the very first time, my little Encyclopedia (9 Yrs old) was introduced to my blog by Auntie SIL. I don't know why it had not occurred to me that he would appreciate seeing our family life through my eyes, but we could not tear him away from it. He said, "Mom, your blog is hilarious!" I'm sure no comment I ever get could top knowing that my own son loves my writing! Well, not unless someone were to offer me their babies...or a sack of $100 bills...or a maid. Okay, so maybe there are a few.

On another note, my dear hubby and I decided long ago that we wanted to have the kind of house where all the neighborhood kids would want to hang out. Easier to monitor friendships that way, don'tcha know. I think it's official. At least 5 days a week, our backyard becomes the meeting place and playground for anywhere from 2 to 8 extra little munchkins. They converge upon the place, jumping on the trampoline, running in and out of the playhouse, climbing all over the wooden swingset, and generally having a good time.

When this first began, I would let them all come and play inside. But I'm a pretty quick learner, and the little rascals now only cross the threshold when someone is hurt or has to potty. Though having them all destroying my living room was stressful to say the least, watching the monkeys running, climbing, or hopping all over the yard by the dozen does my heart good. And when I'm not taking the opportunity to catch up on my housework, I sometimes just stand and watch from the kitchen window. Only once have they caused any real trouble, and even then it was nothing major...I mean, they only set my yard on fire. ;)

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Scribbit said...

Sometimes my kids will peak at what I'm writing about them and it's always interesting the things they say about it. I have to be careful not to embarrass them sometimes :)