Thursday, March 06, 2008

Last night when we were at the dollar theater, we saw a family with 7 kids. We see these families all the time here and there...6, 7, 8, or more kids. And how do I feel about this? I feel behind. I think I'm a junkie. Is there rehab for moms who can't stop wanting more? Sign me up!

Let it be known that if anyone out there wants to give away their kids, I'm open. ;)


Kathy said...

There are days when I would certainly take you up on your offer of taking my kids.. :) Like yesterday for example, when my older two were sitting in the waiting area during my doctors appointment arguing over who broke the blue crayon. Does it matter? It's a crayon for goodness sake! Though I can just see your poor princess's face if MORE boys came into your home..

Jewelry Lady said...

Aren't you thankful the dollar theater? For those of us on one income, it sure is nice!