Friday, March 07, 2008

Yesterday, I spent much of the day once again going through stuff and coming out with a couple of boxes of items to send off to Goodwill. Since I wasn't focusing so much on schoolwork (okay, so I wasn't focusing at all on schoolwork), the kids were finding ways to entertain themselves in between chores that I assigned them. One of their favorite games was to use the box lid from the cupcakes we had on Tuesday as a television set. They took turns sitting behind it and being news reporters and other interesting characters. The Little Princess has a particular knack for this. She lives for every moment in the spotlight that she can happen upon. I wish I could say I sat and watched them so I could have some funny little story to share, but I was too busy sneaking away all their toys into boxes!!

Oh, and if you were wondering...yes, we did finally get around to schoolwork. At 4:30. ;) Oh, well!


Anonymous said...

so hen does aunt sil (my mom) come in aunt shelly. maybe this summer when i visit u i can be in ur blog.

love ur fav neice,
erica elaine

Anonymous said...

what's a url??
erica elaine h.

if u don't know who this is, u got some serious splanin' 2 do! :) :} :]

ask aunt sil who this is, please!!!!!!