Saturday, March 08, 2008

I've been trying to learn how to crochet. Precisely, I've been trying for almost 20 years. But now I'm actually making stuff! My first real crocheted creation is a dishrag. That's right, a double crocheted, baby girl pink dishrag complete with puffed stitched trim! Don't laugh. I used what I had, and made what I needed. And I did it myself!!!

Of course, when you are learning to crochet, and your toddler thinks it looks really fun...well, you can imagine what great lengths he'll go to in order to reach that crochet basket. I think I had to redo rows often enough that I could have made two of those dishrags. But, hey, I need the practice, right?


Victoria said...

You can keep your crochet. I love to embroider. Ask mom, she'll tell ya!

The Tittle Family said...

Hey! I'm so proud..even if it is a pink dishrag!!!

Ryan didn't even tell me that you were in the nusery! That rat! I'll definitely pinch him good!

Hope you all are doing well! We miss you guys too!!!!