Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Just look what you've been missing

Do you really wanna know? Well, Saturday (Mar 29) The Destroyer threw up a couple of times. We tossed it up (ha ha) to the load of candy which he had stolen from siblings and stashed all over the house on Easter Sunday and dug out to eat all that day. Naturally, we thought it was all over since no one else got sick.

On Wednesday night, my hubby and I went to a wonderful meeting in Atlanta and left the little guys home with Auntie SIL. We came home quite late, and all the little darlings were in bed. On Thursday evening (after my last post) The Daredevil (19 months) started his bout with the heaves. He stayed at it most of the night, and then at 3:30 he was suddenly done and suddenly AWAKE. Nuther sleepless night in Georgia.

No surprises when The Quiet One started in on Saturday. And his timing was perfect if you ask the Destroyer, who was just about to get some discipline *ahem* for drawing all over his brother's dresser, when suddenly The Quiet One started throwing up in a bucket in his bedroom (that kid never can seem to make it to the bathroom so we keep a bucket near the bed). All thoughts of the dresser went flying away, and the Destroyer got off free.

But the worst of all was when Encyclopedia Brown chimed in on Sunday afternoon. We were in the van doing 65 mph when I saw him bolt upright out of the corner of my eye. I immediately started to apply the brake. I know that the men on their motorcycles right behind me had some sweet thoughts about us. In the van, the conversation went something like this:

me: "Sweetie, are you okay?" (knowing he wasn't and swerving off the road trying desperately to make it in time)
him: "I think I'm gonna...*ralph...retch...raaaaaalph*"
daughter: "Maaaaaaahhhhhhm! He threw up all over my favorite doll!" (note that whichever toy of hers he had just doomed to the trash can would automatically become her favorite).

At that moment, I wished I could be anyone but mom for about an hour.

About then the phone rang. I picked it up and heard, "Shelley?"
"Yeah Jimmy." (dear friend of ours)
"Are you on the side of the road?"
"Are you all right? Did you break down? I can turn around!"
"Well, we're fine except that my son just threw up all over the van."
"Oh, well, I uh, I thought maybe you were stranded. Okay, well I'll let you get back to that."
"Thanks Jimmy." Ugh.

So, there I was, on the side of the road, elbow deep in ick, cleaning while trying not to add to the ick with some of my own. Meanwhile, the two little toddlers who had been rudely awakened from their naps by the commotion were protesting their plight at the top of their lungs. My daughter couldn't understand why I wouldn't let her run around on the side of the road and flirt with traffic (which she only wanted to do after I rather forcefully told her that she may NOT watch me clean up...what is wrong with her?!). The little sick culprit was now feeling much better (naturally), but complained sourly when I refused to try to clean the puke off his Nintendo magazine so he could keep it. And my brother's wife stood about 6 feet away, facing any direction but mine, waiting for my dad to come take her back home. She was Not going to babysit.

Where's the Calgon when you really need it?

Well, the Little Princess was unfortunately not spared and that evening could be found hugging the toilet and doing what I imagine every little 6 yr old drama queen does when in this state: crying her wee little eyeballs out. The next night she was feeling better, but I woke often throughout the night to the peaceful sounds of my hubby's sister having her turn with the toilet love-affair.

Thanks be to Jesus that my husband and I did not have to go through it. But seriously, why couldn't they all get it at once and have done with it? It took a week and a half for it to run through everyone (including my parents downstairs). And after all that, I sure was glad to have Spring Break with the kids last week.

Other noteworthy happenings in the household: Auntie SIL has left us and moved back home to Charleston. We miss her and are readjusting to having the household back down to 9. I'm sure the septic tank (designed for a family of four, hee hee) is much happier. If she is reading this, she'll be surprised to know that the living room has been restored to it's former grandeur. I clean when I'm angry or depressed...okay, also when there's company a-comin' or when the dust bunnies revolt and start dragging children under the beds. You can place your bets as to which one inspired me to move all the furniture and vacuum every little cranny. There's a poll at the bottom of the page.

Also, the dog, who had become accustomed to being let out whenever SIL took a smoke break, has been moping around and even peed on the floor once cause we didn't get her out in time. And now she is snuggled up on the couch with my hubby, both of them sleeping peacefully, as I should be. Love to you all, and be blessed! Oh, and stay away from those tummy bugs...vomit is not as glamorous as the super models would have you think.

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Michelle said...

It sounds like you've had it good. The reason for the rounds of sicknesses rather than having it all at once is that for it ensures that parents are really ready for that many kids and if not, it's great birth control! For people like me who don't "do" puke, well I don't have the answer to that one yet.

I forget where I found you, but ... I'll be back. Good luck getting it all back together after the sickies!