Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Live from the Big House

So I had a very interesting conversation with a pediatrician at about 2am on Sunday. It went something like this.

me: Hi, my youngest son (21 months) has had a fever and diarrhea since Friday afternoon. He's doing this strange convulsing. I'm sure it's not seizures because he's still sucking his pacifier and breathing during them. But now I can't get his fever to go down. Whaddya think?

strange doctor on call for our ped: Jerking cause is dehydration. He have to go to hospital for the IV.

me: I don't see any other signs of dehydration. If you tell me we have to do this, I will, but I want you to understand that we don't have medical insurance. Is there any other way?

patient MD with accent on the other end: I make the call to hospital to admit baby. You go and they take baby right up, okay? Your baby need IV fluids right away. They wait for you at ER, okay?

me (not one to argue with someone who has an MD after his name when it is something serious like this): All right. I'll be there as soon as I can.

So here we are. The official verdict is in. The Daredevil has rotavirus. He's past any real danger now because of the IV fluids, but he can't go home because he still refuses to eat or drink. Thankfully, he is quite exhausted from all this and sleeps a lot. Otherwise, we'd have a cranky baby on our hands since his IV is in his foot and he's not allowed to get down and walk.

We've been here for 3 nights now and heading into our fourth. Can anyone guess what we're gonna be doing with our economic stimulus package?

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The Tittle Family said...

I hope he is feeling better and everyone is getting some rest! It's got to be tough!