Tuesday, May 13, 2008

portfolios, fieldtrips, and encouragement

The much anticipated end-of-the-year portfolios for my children's homeschool are due on Friday. For this occasion, we decided to undertake the endeavor of learning to make lapbooks. Being a no-nonsense kind of girl, I personally can't see why they shouldn't just turn in their latest tests and assignments and call it a day. But the teacher who oversees our work said to be creative. She even mentioned a powerpoint presentation for those of us who "were interested."

I was just going to jazz up their papers with a couple of "GOOD JOB!" stickers, but I started to feel like the captain of the loser mothers club. Funny that at that point I should stumble upon this interesting idea called lapbooking (thanks to Sheila at Barracudas Corner Cove). So we have spent countless hours learning and practicing creating lapbooks. And before we send them off to the teacher to go in the children's permanent files, I'll be sure to get some pictures and post them here for y'all to witness...I'm not the captain any more. I can be *gasp* creative! I was previously under the impression that those genes skipped a generation. Or maybe they do! I mean, if I just copycat an idea from someone else...

Tomorrow we are going on the End of the Year Celebration Field Trip to Lake Lanier Islands Resort. I asked both my mom and my dear husband to take the day off from work so that I would not be a nervous wreck over taking all the little morsels over to a water park all alone. Then I found out the water park will be closed and we will just be having various "activities." But I neglected to tell grandma and my hubby that it's not such a big deal without the water. I only need one helper just to help with crowd control. So now they're both off, and I only have room for one of them in my van. But I really, truly want both of them there. I'm thinking that batting my eyelashes and saying pretty please just isn't as effective as it was when I was 50 lbs lighter and 1 foot or 2 shorter. What are my chances of convincing my sweetheart to ride the hour-long trip on the floor of the van? I'll let you know how it goes.

And speaking of my hubby, I've been subscribing to an email newsletter from the Generous Wife website for around 2 years now, and Lori informed us of yet another way to be an encouragement to our husbands. There is a 30 day challenge to Honor our Husbands by praying for them every day this month. There's even a list of different things to pray for each day. So I'm all for blessing my sweetie's socks off this month. If you are too, then head on over to Blessed To Be Home and join in the fun!



Hi I'm Sheila! said...

Hi shelly, stopped in to visit and read your blog.
Thanks for the complement there that was really nice of you and I am really happy and glad that my blog has helped you or touched your life. :)
Hope all is well with you, hope to see you around soon.


Linda P said...

Where oh where are updates to this blog!!! :)