Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Massaging my finger?

Stick around if you want to know the three-year-old method for massaging your finger...

I want to insert in here real quickly that no one has guessed correctly the names of my kids from my previous post. There are still some lurkers out there...any of you wanna delurk and take a guess? Y'all have just two more days!!!

So, Friday nights are our Y nights. We all suit up in our swim gear and head to the YMCA for a little fun in the pool. It's nice because everyone else seems to have other plans and we have the pool almost to ourselves.

This past Friday night, we had the pool entirely to ourselves. Why??? Because all the sane people stayed the heck away. It was COLD!!! I tried to bribe the kids. "Who wants to go get ice cream instead of swimming?" I asked when we were walking up to the building with a cold wind whipping around us. No takers.

Oh well. We got in the water. It wasn't quite as cold as I expected, but getting back out was NO fun. The kids insisted that they were fine, and the 3 year old is learning to swim (he can swim under water now, but coming up for a breath sends him into a panic, so we can't officially declare him a swimmer yet). So we held out until the baby's lips started to look like they might turn blue, and then headed for the showers.

We were headed home, when I heard a strange sound coming from the back seat. You know when a little guy sticks his tongue out and blows raspberries? Only it was somehow muffled. I have no idea how to write that sound, but that's what I was hearing. Again. And again.

"Okay, that's enough!" I said to our three year old son. And again.

"Cut it out!" I say. And again.

I turn around to apply a little incentive for him to stop, and he says, "But mom, I'm massaging my finger!"

I'm glad I wasn't drinking sweet tea, cause it would've gone right out my nose. (don't ask).

Hubby and I nearly exploded laughing. But you know how that goes. You'll never, ever get them to stop that way. So we held it in till our sides hurt.

So now you know how to massage your fingers the 3-yr-old way, in case you were ever wondering. ;)

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too funny.

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