Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday Thirteen


Thirteen thoughts on pets:

1. Cats don't eat as much as dogs.

2. Fish eat even less.

3. Dogs can learn cool tricks.

4. Cats are graceful.

5. Dogs love bountifully.

6. Fish don't love much at all.

7. Fish don't get fleas.

8. Dogs don't get ich (Ichthyophthirius multifilis).

9. Fish don't shed their hair all over the house.

10. Cats are generally allowed on the sofa...perhaps because it's nearly impossible to keep them off. Dogs typically are not allowed on the sofa. What gives?

11. About 6 million people in America are allergic to cats. About a third of those people have cats in their homes. I fit nicely in that third.

12. Dogs and large families might not mix too well. I still haven't decided.

13. We have 1 dog, 2 cats, 3 fish, and 5 kids.

I'm not allergic to the kids. They don't use the laundry basket as a litter box. They don't bolt out the door and refuse to come back until they're good and ready. They don't leave hair all over the furniture. I don't have to balance the ph and chemicals in their water. I think I'll keep them.

As for the rest...............................I'm a softy. I'll probably keep them too. But some days I'm ready to ship them ALL off to the pound. ;)


Alice Audrey said...

It's been a long time since I've had fish and I don't remember that Ichthwhatever thing, but it sounds icky.

As to pets on the furniture, it depends on the fleas.

soleil said...

I like dogs and fish much better than cats. I discovered earlier this year that I am definitely NOT a cat person. I plan on having a large family and plan on getting a dog at some point. I hope large families and a dog mix well

storyteller said...

Interesting list for today’s T-13 … and I found myself chuckling at a few along the way. I’m a ‘dog-loving’ gal myself but I’ve allowed a feral kitty to adopt me and enjoy her company too … though she lives outside rather than in so I don’t have to deal with cat allergies around my family members.
Hugs and blessings,

Joyce said...

You gave me a good laugh! Thanks. It is just so funny comparing your children with the pets! :P

Vered said...

"We have 1 dog, 2 cats, 3 fish, and 5 kids."


Me? I have 2 kids. And that's more than enough sometimes. :)

I admire you! You must be a patient person.

Shelley said...

Alice, my hubby is an exterminator. Bugs don't live 15 seconds once they come in the door!

Soleil, I hope you get that large family. Every family should have a pet if they have children, in my humble opinion. If my yard were fenced in or my dog were smaller, we'd be fine!

Storyteller, our cats are in/out. We knew they'd have to be when we adopted the first one because his previous owners had him declawed. So, technically, he's supposed to be inside only. Try telling HIM that!

Joyce, you know, my gut says comparing the kids to the pets is bad... (hanging my head)

Vered, Patience is a relative subject...I have more patience with my 5 than I did with just 2. But I appreciate your admiration as well as your comment!