Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tell me what I want

Isaiah has reached the terrific twos! It's that wonderful age where they are learning amazing new things every day... including how to argue. What makes this so complicated, and often frustrating, is that although much of the time they know exactly what they want, sometimes they just don't.

Example: Today when lunch was ready, Isaiah was busy playing with playdough. Even though I fixed one of his favorite foods, and regardless of the fact that he was very hungry, all he could do was cry over the playdough being put away. At lunchtime, he is always very sleepy, so I take that into consideration, and I had to chuckle to myself as he screamed that he wasn't hungry, didn't like eggs after all, and definitely was not tired.

I'm not gonna go into how he was coerced into eating his food, but he did finally sit and devour every last morsel. And then he started rubbing his sleepy little eyes. I took him to the potty and put him in bed, and he fell asleep within 2 or 3 minutes. :)

So I wonder, now, how often I neglect the thing I need most in exchange for a temporary pleasure. How often do I need someone to remind me of what I truly want and to guide me back to what is the wisest and most prudent choice? Probably more often than I'd like to admit. So if I ever wonder why God gave me all these little blessings, I might just reflect on this little lesson from my terrific two!

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