Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pilgrim Hats

Okay, any of you who know me well know that I don't like crafts and such. Maybe that's the wrong way to put it. It's not that I have anything against crafts in general. Just like the next gal, I enjoy the experience of putting something crafty and new together. I treasure seeing my children make something interesting, unusual, fun, whatever. It's just that we already have so much STUFF coming through our house, and kids want to hold on to whatever they make until FOREVER! Five kids, a husband, two cats, a dog, two fish, and a frog--I have enough to clean up after...around...etc. I'm certain that we keep Goodwill in business with our monthly truckloads (no exaggeration!).

So when I found the idea for these little Pilgrim hats, I had two thoughts: first, they'd be terrific for us to make with the church kids this past Sunday (and they were!); and second, no clutter! See, they're edible. Yippee!!!

I used the leftovers from church with my little blessings at home...

And my kids deemed them the *dun-dun-duh-dun*....BEST SNACKS EVER!!! I got the idea from Taste of Home magazine, and I had to change a couple of the ingredients (marshmallow fluff instead of vanilla frosting with yellow food coloring, and regular sized chiclets instead of minis), but they turned out so well!

So maybe, just maybe, my kids won't be scarred for life. Mom made "crafts" with them! :) And I thoroughly enjoyed the experience! YUM!

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*~*Sheila*~* said...

Those are soooo cool...
I think the kids and I will make those around christmas...a fun inexpensive treat and idea. Thanks so much for sharing.
I think we may try peanut butter instead of frosting and a orange Mini m&m what do you think? I think the kids will like the layered chocolate and peanut butter idea. :)

Thanks again for sharing...