Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tissue Issues

I have tissues. I use them on my children regularly. There's nothing that disgusts me more than to see some cute little kid in a store with his mommy and a face full of boogies. Bleck!!

Maybe that's why I've been thrust into the role of Tissue Substitute. Where does it come from? My kids have all learned really quickly not to use their sleeves as a tissue (YUCK! I've seen parents tell their kids to do this!). And they've known for just as long that I don't want to be a tissue either. But it hasn't seemed to deter them. Even Daniel, my 8 year old, from time to time, will absent-mindedly wipe his nose on my clothes.

And they learn so early! Yesterday, Isaiah came running to me and yelled "MOMMY! HAVE A BOOGER!" and furiously wiped his nose back and forth on my pants. Now, I don't know if that "have a booger" meant "I have a booger" or "Here, have a booger." All I know is that my kids have serious tissue issues.

Is it just my kids? Is this some strange family gene? Should I *shudder* have told them to use their sleeves after all? Someone, please, throw me a little comfort!

I find myself wondering if there is some great lesson God is trying to teach me through this. And then I think of how often I reach for something other than the comfort that He offers me. I flip on the TV when I can't sleep instead of reaching for my Bible. I talk to a friend about my worries instead of pouring my heart out to the One who can make a difference in my circumstances as well as how I perceive them.

I have known Him since I was just a little girl. He has never failed to comfort me. And like a mama who always has a tissue in her purse, He always has just what I need. Hmm.


*~*Sheila*~* said... cute.
I have read though I think it was on the back of a dixie box and parenting magazine to teach your child to sneeze in their shoulder if they do not have a tissue handy and roll up the sleeve if short sleeve or sneeze on the inside of the shoulder so this way the germs are not on their hands so as to go shake hands or play ball or something.
I know it's not the best substitute but, atleast not as gross not all over their hands. But, I do carry tissues most often as well, my kids tell me I have the MONK syndrome. LOL
Nah, I just don't like germs.
We keep hand santizer in the car for those moments hands are used.
Because yeah I hate those boogie moments in my shirt or pants.
a oooohh gross...LOL


Rebecca said...

I love your outlook and the way you look for God in your day to day situations. It's fun to imagine what He can teach us mothers through BOOGERS!! I'm most confident there's a lesson to be learned.