Monday, March 07, 2011

Don't Bring Your BRAT to School

Today was an especially fun school day for me. We had our first Bible lesson from the Calvary Chapel verse-by-verse Bible curriculum. Then we spent some time learning new hymns. We looked them up on YouTube to see which ones were our favorites. Since my post yesterday included some "soul food," I thought I would include something a little...shall we say, different?

Okay, so maybe this wasn't the BEST version I could have found, but it was the most interesting video of this particular song that we watched today. I wouldn't quite consider it torture, even if it's not my cup of tea. But one of my children was complaining so loudly about every aspect of school today. First he was tired, then he was irritated, then he just plain didn't want to. I started thinking about all the complaining he's been doing lately about school, breathed a little prayer under my breath, and headed to the white board.

This white board is where I do a lot of my "splainin" to my children. Sometimes it's about the Circle of Blessing. Sometimes it's a verse that we copy that has something to do with an issue we are currently trying to correct. Today, I had a vision of the word "BRAT." Who likes a brat in their classroom? Who would really want to be thought of as a brat? Who feels good about behaving like a brat?

Here's what I came up with (I believe it was a God-breeze):

So for the next little while, we are going to be working on keeping these feelings checked at the schoolroom door. Instead, we will bring hearts ready for work, doing all to the glory of God.

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