Sunday, March 06, 2011

The catechism in a rap

A friend of mine pointed out this site on Facebook. It's a fun little number about the Westminster Catechism done by Curtis Allen. Nah, it's not my style. But it does put me thinking about how little real doctrine is taught in our churches, especially to the children. This is something I want to instill in my children; and since I'm tight with the teacher and the principal, I have quite a bit of say in what my kids study.

One of my favorite ways for the kids to get some good doctrinal teaching in is here. I like Shai Linne. Did I just say that? I guess I did. :-)

And since I seem to be on a theme here, I'd love to share with you a little SM Lockridge. If you've heard it before, then listen to it again. If you've never heard it, you are in for a REAL treat. That's MY King!

There are a lot of YouTube videos with this sermon in them, and some of them have better sound quality. But most of them are edited, plus they are set to music which I believe takes away from the overall impact of Rev. Lockridge. Be blessed!

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