Friday, March 04, 2011

Here we are, Rebecca

My dear friend Rebecca, whom I met through this blog, has challenged me to begin writing again. There are a few truths I'd like to share about blogging: 1. I love to write. It has been a passion since I was a little girl. 2. I'm nervous every time I publish something. There is this pressure to live up to a standard I've set for myself. 3. Inconstant Kitty...that's me. Updating my blog has been rather sporadic, unfortunately.

I'm issuing myself a challenge this time. I will blog at least 20 days this month. Do you think I can do it?

In post number one, I have some amazing things to share with you. For well over a year now, our family of seven has been crammed into a little 6 seat Mercury Sable. We were determined not to take on debt with another vehicle after Loren hit a deer, totaling our van and freeing us from the $12k we still owed on it. We had been given, yes GIVEN, a Sable with about 280k miles on it. We found that, with creative buckling, we could fit all of us into this car.

Here is the driver side of the back seat.
Here is the passenger side of the back seat.
Front Seat
Front Seat
We have put over 40k more miles on her, and she's still going strong at 320k+ miles. But over the last year or so, the kids have done the most outrageous thing. They've grown. And we have gone from cramped to downright squished.

We have been praying for a new vehicle that could fit all seven of us, plus still have room for our groceries when we go shopping and our luggage when we travel. We already knew that a minivan would not would do all that, so what I really wanted was a Ford Econoline (Loren is a Ford guy). Well, lookie at the blessing that God sent our way!
Complete with roomy seating for seven, plus tons of room for groceries, luggage, and even the family dog. :-) We are feeling so blessed.
Isn't she beautiful? My favorite color, even!

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Rebecca said...

Awesome! I am loving this. You have just motivated me to get busy writing. I have been working on my blog, just not the writing part of it. But now, after reading yours, I will get busy.

I'm so excited for your new van. Isn't it so amazing how God takes care of His children. By the way, my favorite color is green also.